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Frequently Asked


 What makes your donuts special?
Each donut is hand crafted - meaning we mix it, roll it, cut it, fry it and top it all by hand. Of course we do have some machines doing the hard stuff! Our donuts are made fresh daily from our own signature recipes. We don’t use any premixes or preservatives, and you’ll never hear “previously frozen” at our shop!

Do you accept pre-orders?

Yes, we welcome pre-orders of 6+, just contact us the day before.  For large quantities of 4 dozen or more, please contact us two days before.  We also have coffee hot boxes, which serves 10 and includes all the fixings.  

Do you provide service for custom orders or weddings?

Unfortunately, we have had to discontinue our custom options as we focus on our new space, new crew, and future menu items.

What’s on your menu?
We offer 3 types of delicious donuts daily, which include brioche style yeast raised donuts, old fashioned cake style donuts and cruller donuts. We stick with a few “Classic” flavours throughout the year and also offer a selection of "Monthly Specials” to change it up. Other food includes, cinnamon buns, sausage rolls, breakfast sandwiches and various daily specials. We also offer a selection of hot beverages, including our own house blended Chai, tea, slushies, coffee, and espresso drinks. 

What is chai?
By definition “Chai” means tea and is often short for “Masala Chai” which means mixed-spice tea. We make our Chai in-house from a mixture of black tea and aromatic spices and flavourings. Like our donuts, our chai is not made from premix powders or concentrates. Fresh is best!

​Do you offer Gluten Free Donuts or Vegan Donuts?

We offer a gluten friendly option every Saturday alternating between a classic Sour Cream Old Fashioned and our monthly Old Fashioned flavour.  Preorders of 6 or more are welcome and recommended for gluten friendly donuts, in store availability can vary.  Reminder, while made with gluten free ingredients, all of our donuts are prepared in the same space and fried in the same oil. Unfortunately, we are no longer offering a regular rotation of vegan donuts - the vocal demand proved greater than the actual demand.  

Do you offer gift cards?
Definitely, purchase in store - minimum $10.00

Why can’t you make more donuts when they sell out?
Our yeast raised donuts are made from an overnight brioche style dough to allow for optimal gluten and flavour development. We also make all of our toppings, icings, glazes, and fillings ourselves. We try our best to estimate how much dough, batters and fillings we will need for the next day but we can’t always get it right. On busy days we may run out of donuts earlier than expected, we will post on our Facebook and Instagram when this happens to keep you informed. Don't miss out, put in a preorder to secure your faves by the day before!

Why is your name Bigfoot Donuts?

Why the name Bigfoot Donuts, you ask? Well, why not?! But, seriously, Bigfoot is one of those images that truly captures the spirit of the Pacific Northwest, the place we love and call home. Wild, natural, imaginative - everything we strive for our donuts to be. Not only this, but that classic footprint shaped donut dipped in chocolate is basically a donut icon. Right? For as much as we are re-imagining the humble donut, the classics are classic for a reason and are just as important to us here at Bigfoot Donuts. Come see for yourself!

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