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"they're legendary!"

Bigfoot Donuts is a family owned and operated business brought about from a vision of creating a new community oriented gathering place built around a re-imagined childhood favourite, the humble donut! Come down to the shop to see what we're all about. We serve up a variety of handcrafted donuts made from scratch each day, delicious savoury options, along with our own house roasted coffee, espresso, and full lineup of made from scratch beverages. See you soon!


Why Bigfoot?

Why the name Bigfoot Donuts, you ask? Well, why not?! But, seriously, Bigfoot is one of those images that truly captures the spirit of the Pacific Northwest, the place we love and call home. Wild, natural, imaginative - everything we strive for our donuts to be. Also paying homage to our Indigenous ancestry, as the Bigfoot legend, or Sasquatch, wild man, B'gwus, Dzunuḵ̓wa, is embedded in First Nations culture and has been a connecting figure for a Cree on the coast! And, of course, not only this, but that classic footprint shaped donut dipped in chocolate is basically a donut icon. Am I Right? For as much as we are re-imagining the humble donut, the classics are classic for a reason and are just as important to us here at Bigfoot Donuts!

Bigfoot Donuts' mascot
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