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Our Story

Hey y'all, we're the owners of your friendly donut shop on 5th - Bigfoot Donuts! The idea for Bigfoot Donuts came about from a life-long love of baking and an admiration for the many great entrepreneurs around us. Our family has owned businesses in the Comox Valley since 1920... so it was really only a matter of time before we found our own calling. And it just so happens we LOVE donuts! We visited so many donut shops on road trips throughout the Pacific Northwest that it became clear that this was what our business should be. We wanted to bring quality, handcrafted, made from scratch donuts to the Comox Valley. We also wanted to create a space that was a reminder of fond childhood memories of the old Courtenay Bakery - an awesome community gathering place with delicious goods to sit and enjoy. Of course, there's no better place for us to recreate that than on 5th Street! See you soon! 

Lyndsey & Jay  

We have officially moved into our new forever home at 477 5th Street, after a 6 month complete renovation to what was a disastrous old building. As always, we've made it our own, handcrafted every aspect, and poured our hearts into the space. We cant wait for you to come and see! 

Take time to look around, take a selfie at our Selfie Stop (be sure to tag us), watch us make the donuts at our viewing bar, and make some memories with us.  

We figured if we're going to spend all of our time here we better make it our own. And we wanted it to be a space that our community would really want to visit as well. We're super proud of what we have created - we hope you enjoy it too.

Go ahead and stay a while.

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